2017 End of Year Review – Part 2: The Worst 5 Films of the Year

The usual disclaimer applies as we move on to our ‘worst of’ list – we tend to avoid many of the films that you’d expect to see in these lists so these films are probably higher quality than some films that were out this year, but these are all terrible and to be avoided nonetheless…!

Here are our least favourite films of 2017…

5. A Quiet Passion

A Quiet Passion.png

A dull period drama with a dull subject at its heart, Terence Davies latest film about the American poet Emily Dickinson is one of the most boring of the year, squandering a genuinely great Cynthia Nixon performance. It generally got great reviews, but I really disliked it…

4. The Dark Tower

Stephen King novels have generally proven ripe material for filmmakers, and this year’s ‘It‘ was an undoubted success, but a few weeks before that another adaptation made its way into cinemas to much less fanfare. ‘The Dark Tower‘ is one of King’s most revered works but the film adaptation is frankly a mess, choosing not to follow the path of the first novel (in a series of 7), but to mash together elements from every single one of them. It’s confusing, wastes good actors and could very well have killed the chances of a more fruitful future for the series on the big screen.

3. Song to Song

Four tiled and colored images of the four main leads, with a black LP sleeve containing the title and credits at the center.

For the second year running I find myself burnt by Terrence Malick, the once great director who has withdrawn into a pattern of creating the most vapid and self indulgent movies on the planet. ‘Song to Song‘ is dreadful with few redeeming features, once again wasting a host of talented actors on an incoherent, frustrating mess.

2. The Love Witch

The Love Witch.png

One of the strangest films I saw this year, ‘The Love Witch‘ is a weird, hyper stylised movie set in a strange little village about a witch searching for a new lover. It blends sickly, bright coloured cinematography reminiscent of the technicolor  era with intentionally melodramatic performances and I just didn’t take it to it in the slightest.

1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur wears a leather jacket in front of a grey sky and faces the viewer, his sword held by both hands downward in front of his chest.

Guy Ritchie’s take on the Arthurian legend is a strange beast that doesn’t work in the slightest, essentially transferring the style of his cockney gangster films like ‘Snatch‘ and ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels‘ to the Middle Ages. It’s incredibly naff with terrible dialogue, but it’s also incredibly dull and never even manages to reach a ‘so bad it’s good’ kind of vibe, despite a bizarre cameo from David Beckham.

Narrowly avoiding this list: Assassin’s Creed, Justice League, The Limehouse Golem, Suburbicon, Trespass Against Us

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