Film of the Month – July

July was a particularly strong month for new releases, with our top two both given the elusive 5 star rating. The competition for 3rd on our list was just as strong, with a raft of strong contenders which you can find reviews of on our homepage or in the Film Reviews section. Enjoy!

3. Amy

An excellent documentary from ‘Senna‘ director Asif Kapadia about the troubled and tragic life of Amy Winehouse, told through a wide range of archive and concert footage, with voice overs from those closest to her which help to illuminate her tragic rise and fall.

2. Love & Mercy

Love & Mercy (poster).jpg

A compelling biopic about Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson that dives deep into his emotional psyche, both in his 60’s heyday as he crafts many ofn their iconic songs, and in the 80’s as he struggles with mental illness and a carer who doesn’t have his best interests at heart. Utilising dual performances from John Cusack and Paul Dano, ‘Love & Mercy‘ is a terrific film that really gets inside the head of a genius.

1. Inside Out

Inside Out (2015 film) poster.jpg

A storming return to form from Pixar, ‘Inside Out‘ is one of the smartest films in their impressive repertoire, telling the story of a 11 year old girl coming to terms with moving home told through the lens of the emotions inside her head. Ambitious, superbly crafted, funny and heartwarming, ‘Inside Out‘ is one of the year’s best.

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