Revisiting the Oscars Podcast: Episode 9 – 2016


Revisiting the Oscars latest episode brings us as close to the present day as we’ve been in this series, and our first taste of an Oscars year with a higher number of Best Picture nominees! That makes for a bumper, ‘feature length’ episode, which only just comes in shorter than this years shortest film in ‘Hell or High Water‘.

2016 was the infamous year when ‘La La Land‘ was prematurely announced as the winner, stealing the thunder of ‘Moonlight‘. We also have our first taste of science fiction in ‘Arrival‘, a war film (‘Hacksaw Ridge‘) and a film about depression (‘Manchester by the Sea‘), described as enjoyable by our resident miserabilist! It’s a cracking year with lots of great films and plenty of talking points.

As always, we also get into what was happening in 2016 around the globe and in our own lives, but sadly no cricket update this episode – tune in to future episodes to find out when Mason’s career reached its conclusion….

2016 Best Picture Nominees
La La Land
Hacksaw Ridge
Hidden Figures
Hell or High Water
Manchester by the Sea

If you’d like to watch any of the films in advance or after the show, then I’d recommend to find out what streaming options are available to you.

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Please note this podcast does contain spoilers

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