Film of the Month – April 2016

April saw some more strong releases, with a Palme d’Or winner, Jeff Nichols latest and one of Alan Rickman’s final films featuring in our favourites this month.

3. Dheepan

Dheepan poster.jpg

Palme d’or winner ‘Dheepan‘ is a powerful story about the immigrant experience, set in a dangerous banlieue in France where a family of Sri Lankan refugees try to adapt to their new surroundings whilst crime and trouble erupt all around them.

2. Midnight Special

Midnight Special (film) poster.jpg

The gripping ‘Midnight Special‘ is a sci-fi thriller that manages to evoke a sense of imagination without sacrificing the grounded elements that made Jeff Nichols one of the best filmmakers in Hollywood with ‘Take Shelter‘ and ‘Mud‘. This is filmmaking of the highest quality and ambition.

1. Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky 2015 film poster.jpg

The gripping military thriller ‘Eye in the Sky‘ is our film of the month; a terrific story told in real time focusing on the people behind a key operation to secure a terrorist target, exploring the complex ethical, moral and political issues that impact on every decision these characters have to make. The subject of drone warfare is no easy feat to tackle, but director Gavin Hood and his cast do so here with aplomb and this is a phenomenal film.

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