Wet Nuns – Electric Circus, Edinburgh, 23/09/12

The severed hands and feet hanging from the drum-kit tonight will not be a surprise to anyone who has seen the pair be dismembered in their bloody video for “Throttle”. “Wet Nuns” obviously have a deliciously twisted sense of the macabre to go along with their filthy sounding brand of Rock N’ Roll.

With the TV screens behind the stage switched to their skull and “Wet Nuns” logo  the band took to the stage to a humming wall of feedback that swelled and resonated to the darkest corners of the Electric Circus.

The set battered open with “Worms”, Alexis’ primal pounding on the drums was accompanied by his guttural screams as he took lead vocals on the track. Rob’s guitar wailed and rang out as he swung and jerked it violently around the stage. The thing you are instantly hit with about “Wet Nuns” is their energy, they’ve got it in fucking bucketfuls. If the TV screens and PA system behind them failed you get the impression the band could somehow generate the power to get them back up and running with their sheer momentum and reckless abandon.

Between songs the band had plenty of interaction with the crowd. Two drunken Edinburgh lads in particular were enjoying having a back and forth with the drummer and guitarist. The repartee mostly revolved around the lads shouting “You’s are rocking” and some strange comments about “steroid nipples”  to which Alexis replied “steroid nipples, how pissed are you two? Your gonna come to every gig we play, on the setlist it just says banter but you’ve managed to fill it in for us”.

“Heavens Below” saw Alexis smashing away relentlessly with his head to drum kit like a topless tattooed beast. While Rob for me has a vocal style with a passing resemblance to James Hetfield of “Metallica” and really spits out the lyrics into the microphone. The looks of satisfaction that shot across the stage between the pair as they played gave an indication of just how much they love playing the music they are creating live.

Alexis stated “We were in Forfar” referring to the gig they played the previous night, adding “There’s a good McDonalds” to which someone shouted “it’s all the same”, slightly missing the point that Forfar isn’t exactly the most fashionable stop on the gig circuit. The thought that was no doubt going through the majority of the crowds heads was made audible as someone shouted “why did you play Forfar?” The honest answer of “Some guy gave us 300 quid” was given followed by the ever so slightly tongue in cheek “it’s all about money, I don’t give a shit about the music or looking cool”.

New single “Why You So Cold?” which Rob told us was “out on the internet” burst into life with with a flurry of slide guitar that sounded more akin to the “22-20’s” than the heavier side of “Wet Nuns” repertoire. It is however a successful departure and is definitely an avenue that they could explore and develop further in the future if the notion took them.

Alexis said “thanks to the supports they were great, usually they are shit” With Rob adding “thanks to all the bands, I’m rubbish with names, sorry I sound like a dick but I did watch you all and liked you”. The set came to a deafening climax with a rendition of “Throttle” thankfully minus the death and bloody massacre from the video. It did however include several guitar and drum stand off’s between the pair that visually and sonically were captivating. This togetherness was juxtaposed with moments of stark  isolation as Rob played back to the audience facing his amp wailing away on his guitar as if he was the only  person in the world never mind the room. The song drew to a close with Alexis smacking the drums into submission as Rob did likewise with the neck of his guitar on the microphone. With the parting words of “thanks very much, buy some merch” “Wet Nuns” were off to the merchandise table to talk to fans and sell amongst other things their wax sealed 7″ EPs.

That energy I mentioned at the start of the review never wavered once throughout the set, “Wet Nuns” are a filthy Rock ‘N’ Roll band, with big beards and big balls, and thank fuck for that.

Ross Cunningham

Pics – Ali Campbell

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