Meursault – Dull Spark – Single Review – Released 24/09/12

Anyone who knows me or who is a regular reader of the site will be aware that Meursault are one of my favourite bands. They are a band that I have devoured all of their releases over the years, from their début album “Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues”  to this years stunning third effort “Something For the Weakened”.

“Dull Spark” is the second single to be lifted from that third album and showcases perfectly Meursault’s new found ability to deliver a fuller up-tempo band driven sound. I’ve been a big fan of the song ever since I first saw a live video of it on YouTube  back in February. After listening to it ohhhh about 500 times over the following 7 or so months in its different recorded guises and live my first advice would be when you listen to it, listen LOUD.

Hand claps are joined by a chiming piano and then lyrically the song bursts into life with a flurry of juxtaposition. “For every angel there is a devil and for every prayer there is a curse, for every lightning bolt a cold dull spark and its only getting worse, for every time you hold me close to you, they’ll be a time you pull away, for every song of love I’ve ever heard there was a simple song of hate”“Dull Spark” is a rip-roaring turbulent whirling dervish, although the strings do find a moment to flourish mid track, but for the most part play second fiddle/cello to the pounding drums and Neil’s passionate cry. It’s five minutes don’t feel long or laboured, “Dull Spark” is no such thing, it’s perfectly formed and full of vibrant energy. The songs lyrics may deal with the subject of death and dying with screams of  “And you tell me that we’re all dying”, but truthfully it could not sound more full of life.

I think Neil’s advice in the chorus is unquestionably sound “so be kind, try to smile, and dance regularly”.

Oh and buy the single, the coloured vinyl is especially lovely.

Meursault release their new single “Dull Spark” on the 24th of September through Edinburgh’s Song, By Toad Records

You can watch the shiny new music video below

Or stream the single and it’s beautiful B-Side “A Mother’s Arms” from Soundcloud


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