Frightened Rabbit – Release New Video For “The Woodpile”

Taken from next years “Pedestrian Verse” its a cracking song and video, look out for Grant’s brilliant work on both sides of the camera towards the end.

Scott had this to say about the video

“The video was shot in Queens, New York on what was pretty much our only day off on that tour. As it was preceded by a tremendous night in NY, there was just a touch of concealer used that day, though I like to think that ‘dishevelled tired guy’ has become my signature look. There is a bunch of our pals in the video from such illustrious bands as Oxford Collapse, Right On Dynamite, Bad Veins, Little Kicks and Olympic Swimmers. So you can all play ‘spot the indie rock dude’, if you’re into that kind of thing. Incidentally, I think OUR extras were possibly better than the hired ones. There’s a weee bit of ‘overacting’ going on in some of that video, not least of all the end. But we think it’s a very tidy vid, so do have a look.”

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