Revisiting the Oscars Podcast: Episode 29 – 1986 – Platoon

On this episode of ‘Revisiting the Oscars‘ we’re headed back almost 40 years to talk all things 1986 as we dissect the 5 movies nominated for ‘Best Picture’ that year!

Crocodile Dundee, Diego Maradona, Catchphrase and Top Gun were just some of the things making headlines in 1986, but what was happening at the Oscars….

We’ve got an interesting bunch to discuss this year that includes Robert De Niro playing a Spanish slave trader cum missionary in the oddity that is ‘The Mission‘, a Woody Allen ensemble comedy in ‘Hannah and her Sisters‘, ANOTHER Merchant Ivory period romance (‘A Room with a View‘), a romantic drama set at a school for the deaf (‘Children of a Lesser God‘) and Oliver Stone’s Vietnam War drama ‘Platoon‘.

All this and the usual nonsense and fun facts – who knew there was a Vatican Film List?!

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1986 Best Picture Nominees
The Mission
Children of a Lesser God
A Room with a View
Hannah and her Sisters

*This podcast does contain spoilers

If you’d like to watch any of the films in advance or after the show, then I’d recommend to find out what streaming options are available to you.

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Please note this podcast does contain spoilers

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