Memories of My Father (El olvido que seremos)

Memories of My Father

Based on the true story of Héctor Abad Gómez, a Colombian university professor who challenges the country’s establishment.

Memories of my Father’, Fernando Trueba’s latest film, is a Colombian set drama about Héctor Abad Gómez, a professor who found himself standing against those in charge of Colombia, as corruption and the drug trade grew and spun out of control in the country. It’s a touching biopic based on the recollections of his son (also Hector), who remembers his father more for being a father than for his political inputs, and the film benefits from a primary focus on the Gómez family and the rich lives they led prior to the situation that engulfed the country for a number of years.

The film covers a period of just under 20 years, from the younger Héctor’s upbringing in the 70s into the upheaval of the 80s, and Trueba makes a smart choice to split both decades into a different colour palette. The happier times of the 70s are portrayed through bright, vivid colours, whereas the 80s move into black and white, equally stark and beautifully shot, but conveying an altogether different mood. Javier Cámara is one of those actors who pops up in a lot of different things and is almost always good (‘Narcos’ to ‘The Young Pope’ to ‘Talk to Her’), and he is excellent in the leading role, conveying the warmth and love that radiates from Gómez. He’s a good man who cares about improving the living conditions for his fellow Colombians and his passion for helping others is reflected in the care and love he provides to his family and his children.

Memories of my Father’ is a tribute to a loving father from a son, touching, funny and charming, but with a darker, sadder edge that creeps more and more into the frame as the film progresses. A strong piece of work from Fernando Trueba.

Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Fernando Trueba

Starring: Javier Cámara, Daniela Abad, Aida Morales, Patricia Tamayo and Juan Pablo Urrego

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