The Biggest Little Farm


Documentarian John Chester and his wife Molly work to develop a sustainable farm on 200 acres outside of Los Angeles.

The Biggest Little Farm’ is a documentary about a Los Angeles based couple who decided to quit their jobs and move out of the city to start their own farm. The documentary shows their journey from start to present, covering the various challenges they faced and how they’ve managed to overcome them to create a successful, sustainable farm. It’s enlightening, uplifting and very enjoyable, and for animal lovers in particular there’s much to enjoy.

John and Molly are a married couple living in Los Angeles; he’s a photographer and she’s a chef, and they both harbour a far fetched dream to leave city life behind to create a sustainable farm. Due to circumstances in their life, this far fetched dream starts to become more realistic, and after attracting investors (the film doesn’t really cover this and to be honest I’m still unsure how they’d have managed this), they start to build their new life. Having limited knowledge of traditional farming, they are heavily reliant on their investor funding and a consultant called Alan who they bring on board to help them transition a barren plot of land into something that can support a growing ecosystem and ultimately help their farm survive.

Each new challenge creates an opportunity for a new solution, and ‘The Biggest Little Farm’ does a great job of showing how each incremental change has an impact on the biodiversity of their farm and on the wider ecosystem that they are starting to support. It’s quite motivating to see two people actually take a risk such as this and ultimately strive to make it succeed, and work to help nature and the environment around them. ‘The Biggest Little Farm’ shows what can be achieved with a bit of support and a lot of dedication and I thought it was a very enjoyable documentary.

Rating: 4/5

Directed By: John Chester

Starring: John Chester and Molly Chester