Film of the Month – May 2016

May saw another series of strong releases, with a couple of major blockbusters surrounded by some great indie and foreign fare. Here were our favourites…

3. Mustang

Mustang poster.jpg

One of the nominees at this year’s Academy Awards for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’, ‘Mustang’ is a powerful film about five orphaned sisters coming of age in rural Turkey, taking in the deeply secular backdrop and an incident that causes the girls to be kept indoors for most of their life. Powerful, thought provoking and gripping throughout, ‘Mustang‘ is European cinema at its finest.

2. Green Room

Green Room (film) POSTER.jpg

Jeremy Saulnier’s follow up to ‘Blue Ruin‘ is an uncompromising, violent thriller featuring a terrific against type performance from Patrick Stewart.

1. Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody Wants Some poster.png

Richard Linklater’s spiritual sequel to ‘Dazed and Confused‘ is a joyous romp set over a weekend in 1980 as high school pitcher Jake goes to college for the first time. Perfectly evoking the time period with a terrific soundtrack, this is a really enjoyable movie and its our favourite this month.

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