Film of the Month – March 2016

After the awards heavy start to the year, the standard of films has dropped somewhat with a much weaker crop in March. That being said, we still saw a few films we’d recommend checking out…

3. Hitchcock/Truffaut

Hitchcock Truffaut.jpg

An entertaining documentary based on a series of interviews conducted by French critic turned director Francois Truffaut with the imperious Alfred Hitchcock. Featuring contributions from a host of directors influenced by Hitchcock, this is a must see for fans and a primer for those yet to discover the wonders of his work.

2. 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane.png

Last 15 minutes aside, this is a terrific, tense thriller set in an underground bunker as the world outside may or may not have succumbed to a deadly virus. The art of guessing what’s going on has rarely been better, with pitch perfect performances dragging every ounce of suspense out of the premise. Great entertainment.

1. Hail, Caesar!

Hail, Caesar! Teaser poster.jpg

Hail, Caesar!‘ isn’t perfect, with a meandering story that never really comes together, but the individual segments more than make up for it. Whisked away to 50s Hollywood, we follow studio fixer Eddie Mannix dealing with all sorts of problems as we move around various sets, allowing the Coens to perfectly recreate the kind of movies being made at the time. If this kind of pastiche is your thing, you’ll love this.

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