Film of the Month – March

March has taken after February and it’s been a quieter month for quality films at the cinema (with a fair few duds), but here’s our favourites and recommendations…

3. Chappie

Chappie poster.jpg

Neill Blomkamp’s latest hasn’t been well received for the most part, but I found a lot to enjoy in this flawed but inventive film about a robot with artificial intelligence. Set in a similar dystopia to his debut, ‘District 9’, ‘Chappie’ toys with big ideas and doesn’t always hit the mark, but I found it to be funny, moving and very entertaining.

2. Mommy


The latest from prolific Canadian youngster Xavier Dolan is an emotional tale of mental illness and the impact it has on those closest, featuring 3 of the finest central performances you’ll see all year. This is powerful, thrilling stuff from a director who is producing films of a maturity well beyond his years.

1. It Follows

A car in the middle of a dark forest.

For a horror film to be number 1 on our monthly list speaks volumes given it’s not the genre I’d generally look out for, but ‘It Follows’ is something special. A terrific premise, a magnificent 80s era soundtrack and a creepy use of its Detroit locations make this a cult classic horror in the making – see it now and get ahead of the curve.

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