Film of the Month – February

After the flurry of awards contenders in January, February has been a lot quieter with less films standing out. That being said, here are the 3 best ones we saw this month…

3. Coherence

Coherence 2013 theatrical poster.jpg

This twisty piece of science fiction from James Ward Byrkit is almost entirely set in one house, on a night when a comet passes earth and strange occurrences begin to happen. Clever, engrossing and intense, this is a terrific piece of mind bending sci-fi

2. Selma

Selma poster.jpg

Featuring a monumental performance from David Oyelowo as Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, ‘Selma‘ is a stirring biopic about a series of marches for voting rights in the titular town in Alabama. Worth watching for Oyelowo alone.

1. Catch Me Daddy

Catch Me Daddy POSTER.jpg

The final film I saw in February was also the best. ‘Catch Me Daddy’ is a terrifically intense thriller about a Muslim girl who runs away from her family with her white boyfriend. Featuring a stunning lead performance from Sameena Jabeen Ahmed, this is a truly powerful piece of British filmmaking

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