Film of the Month – September

I didn’t see a lot of films in September (plenty holdovers that I’ll try to catch next month), but I did see some good one’s!

3. In Order of Disappearance

For the second month running, my third favourite film of the month comes from Scandinavia. This month its the darkly comic thriller ‘In Order of Disappearance’, a thoroughly enjoyable violent revenge thriller.

2. A Most Wanted Man

The latest John Le Carre adaptation is another espionage thriller, again dealing in the low key dealings of a small group of ‘offbook’ spies. Led by Philip Seymour Hoffman in one of his last screen performances, this is a tense, taut story that had me gripped from start to finish

1. Pride

Pride is a terrific little story that follows in the vein of some classic British working class films such as ‘Brassed Off’ and ‘The Full Monty’ with the unusual tale of a group of LGBT campaigners turning their support to a small Welsh community amidst the miner’s strike in the 1980’s. Well acted, moving, and incredibly funny, this is a terrific movie and it’s my favourite film of the month

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