Film of the Month – August

July was an excellent month at the cinema, and whilst there weren’t as many strong releases in August, here are the 3 that I enjoyed the most.

3. The Keeper of Lost Causes

An entertaining thriller that continues the popularity of Scandinavian crime stories with strong performances and tension throughout. The story itself borrows heavily from generic crime stories, but it’s very entertaining and well worth your time.

2. Two Days, One Night

The latest from the Dardenne brothers is another slice of realist cinema, focusing on factory worker Sandra (the always excellent Marion Cotillard), who faces the loss of her job unless she can convince her co-workers to give up their bonus instead. An excellent and moving story, that overcomes some of the repetitiveness of its premise with a powerful Cotillard performance and a focus on Sandra’s battle to overcome depression in tandem with the quest to retain her job.

1. The Rover

Set 10 years in the future after a fictional financial crash, this tale of a man’s quest to get back his stolen car in the sparse landscape of the Australian outback is brutal, bleak and surprisingly powerful, thanks to two outstanding performances from Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson as the simple minded brother of the car thieves. Highly recommended, and its the best film I saw this month

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