Film of the Month – May

I’ve decided that each month I’m going to compile a short list of my 3 main recommendations for that particular month, that’ll help give an insight into my tastes and will perhaps help you decide which films to prioritise watching!

So, in May, I’ve managed to see 15 films in total. Out of them it’s not been the most impressive bunch but there has been a few highlights.

My top 3 for the month, and the films I’d recommend taking the time to see (if you don’t have as much cinema going time as me!) are as follows,

3. Omar

Omar is an excellent film about the Israeli-Palestine conflict, seen from the point of view of a conflicted Palestinian freedom fighter. It’s an excellent film about the conflict that isn’t afraid to portray the ills on both sides of the divide and it’s a very powerful film.

2. Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise is on top form in this sci-fi actioner where the world has been taken over by alien creatures known as ‘mimics’. The gimmick is that every time Cruise dies, the story resets to a set point the previous day, and it follows him as he tries to figure out a way to defeat the enemy.

1. Next Goal Wins

A football documentary might not be for everyone, but this is an extremely moving story of the American Samoan football team and their attempts to win a game for the first time in their short history. A powerful underdog story and an excellent documentary. It’s my favourite film this month.

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