Foals – Barrowlands, Glasgow, 05/03/13


“Here we, Here we, Here we fuckin go”. I was witness to this back in 2006, at one of my first gigs when I saw The Fratellis at the Barrowlands, and here I stand 7 years later, once again at the Barrowlands, witnessing the same god awful chant being belted out by a gig crowd. It felt a bit like a spiritual homecoming to the much loved venue, and like the tacky décor and sign outside, a symbol that not much had changed about Glasgow’s much loved venue. Tonight, I was here to see Foals, a fine example of a band who while I enjoy them on record, they are a much more appealing proposition live.

I’d last seen them play around 3 years ago at the smaller ABC venue, and that was coming on the back of a heavy weekend fuelled by much alcohol (and 2 Idlewild shows). Despite the hangover, Foals put on a terrific show that basically cured me of my self-inflicted ills. Frankly, it would have felt wrong not to go back and witness their healing powers again. Touring just after the release of new album ‘Holy Fire’, the band mixed the set up with a selection of songs from the latest release, as well as plenty of fan favourites from the first two albums. Kicking off with the opening track from ‘Holy Fire’, ‘Prelude’, the band immediately got into their groove with the instrumental track whetting the crowd’s appetite for some of their  better known material.

Highlights of the main set included the poppy ‘My Number’, early hit ‘Balloons’ and the haunting masterpiece ‘Spanish Sahara’ which rightly had the whole crowd mesmerised. The band played 12 tracks before heading off for the obligatory encore, returning with a couple of new tracks (‘Moon’ and ‘Inhaler’) before finishing off with the excellent ‘Two Steps, Twice’ from debut album ‘Antidotes’, which had the crowd in a frenzy. Tonight to all those standing on the sticky Barrowlands floor Foals proved once again what a thrilling live proposition they are, able to merge slow, measured songs with some of the finest indie dance tracks around at the moment. I can’t think of many current acts like them, and with their third album just released, they have now built up an excellent repertoire of tracks. Don’t miss them next time they’re in your area!


  1. Prelude
  2. Olympic Airways
  3. Miami
  4. Blue Blood
  5. Milk & Black Spiders
  6. Balloons
  7. My Number
  8. Late Night
  9. Providence
  10. Spanish Sahara
  11. Red Socks Pugie
  12. Electric Bloom
  13. Moon
  14. Inhaler
  15. Two Steps, Twice

Luke Watson

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