Electric Six – Glasgow, O2 ABC, 29/11/12


Electric Six made a triumphant return to Glasgow at the city’s ABC venue last night to mark the 10th anniversary of the release of their debut album ‘Fire’, which they played in its entirety. The band started off with a cover of Crazy Horses by The Osmond’s, before running through fan favourites Formula 409 and Body Shot to warm the crowd up in anticipation of ‘Fire’. Without further ado, the infectious drum beat of Dance Commander elicited a loud cheer from the audience before Valentine’s vocals kicked in. ‘Fire’ was an album I loved when I was around 14/15 and returning to it in anticipation of last night’s show was partly nostalgic but moreso a reminder that it is a terrific album.

This was my first time seeing Electric Six live and they didn’t disappoint. The ferocious dance rock of ‘Fire’ translated superbly to a live setting and the fans down the front spent most of the evening jumping around dementedly. Highlights of the set included their two hit singles, Danger! High Voltage and Gay Bar as well as a stirring rendition of my favourite track, the sexy I’m The Bomb. The band introduced Vengeance and Fashion by giving a shout out to ‘Nice n Sleazy’s’, where they played their first show in Glasgow around 10 years earlier, before slating the atrocious ‘Example’ as they dived into Synthesizer, the closing track of their debut album.

You could tell that frontman Dick Valentine was revelling in the attention, and his charisma shines across from the stage, similar in some respects to the way Nick Cave has the ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand. There was still time for a few more tracks before the 10pm curfew, with the excellent I Buy the Drugs rapturously received in particular. The night finished with a one song encore of Rip It, which concluded a terrific set as the fans departed the scene, hopefully to follow the lyrics of Improper Dancing to dance improperly in the middle of the cold Glasgow streets!

  1. Crazy Horses (The Osmond’s Cover)
  2. Formula 409
  3. Body Shot
  4. Dance Commander
  5. Electric Demons in Love
  6. Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)
  7. Danger! High Voltage
  8. She’s White
  9. I Invented the Night
  10. Improper Dancing
  11. Gay Bar
  12. Nuclear War (On the Dance Floor)
  13. Getting Into the Jam
  14. Vengeance and Fashion
  15. I’m The Bomb
  16. Synthesizer
  17. Down at McDonnelzzz
  18. Dance Epidemic
  19. Jimmy Carter
  20. I Buy the Drugs
  21. Rip It!

Luke Watson

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