The Datsuns – Gods Are Bored

It has been a long four years since “The Datsuns” last bombarded our ears with their album “Head Stunts“, the good news is the wait is over. The first song to be taken from new album “Death Rattle Boogie” is here to remind us all exactly why we first fell “In love” with “The Datsuns” way back in 2002.

Starting with a pounding drum beat, a little splash of feedback and wailing guitars your given no time to escape as  “Gods Are Bored” beats you into submission. Whatever death rattle “The Datsuns” are referring to in the title of the new album it’s already clear by the first 4 seconds of this song that its clearly got nothing to do with the band. Dolf’s snarling machine gun vocal delivery kicks in with the lyrics “these scenes of chaos fill the screens day and night” building to the catchy chorus of  “you know the gods, yeah the gods are so bored, we entertain with our lives and applause“. As Christian’s epic guitar wails at the two minute mark your mind is already thinking I need to see this live. This is mainly due to the fact that I would be willing to bet £100 of my hard earned Scottish pounds that  everyone who has ever seen “The Datsuns” live will testify that they are a fucking great live band.

The return of “The Datsuns” is long overdue and brilliant news to anyone who likes a bit of dirty, sweaty, driving Rock ‘N’ Roll. If “Gods Are Bored” is an indication of the strength of “Death Rattle Boogie” then I for one can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on it in October.

You can download “Gods Are Bored” by clicking on the link below

You can also watch the video for the song here……..

Death Rattle Boogie” is released in the UK on the 8th of October

Hopefully dates for a full UK tour in support of the album will be released shortly.

Talking of live Datsuns gigs you can read my review of their 2008 show at King tuts here…………..

Ross Cunningham

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