Eleven Track Seven’s for Sunday Hangovers

It’s Sunday, the Sabbath, the day of church going and worship, who are we trying to kid here, most of you are probably curled up in bed in the foetal position nursing the hangover from hell. I thought in light of this I would put together a little playlist to help soothe your self inflicted Sunday woes.

So “Eleven Track Seven’s for Sunday Hangovers” is born, to kiss your sore head like an ice cold can of Irn Bru. If you hadn’t guessed by now all these eleven songs are track number seven off their respective albums. The only reason the playlist worked out that way to be honest was because the first two tracks I uploaded happened to be track 7’s, however I think the track seven theme has worked out pretty well. Enjoy, and drink plenty of fluids……………..

Ps. If you’re looking at a blank space here instead of the media player and Fry from Futurama then it’s probably because your on an iPhone/iPad and don’t have flash. x


1) Belle & Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister

2) Noah Gunderson – Family

3) Sharon Van Etten – Much More Than That

4) Sharon Van Etten – Love More

5) Alberta Cross – The Devil’s all You’ve Ever Had

6) Arab Strap – Speed Date

7) Cat Power – He War

8) The Phantom Band – Island

9) J. Tillman – Laborless Land

10) King Creosote – Circle My Demise

11) Malcolm Middleton – A Happy Medium

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