The Music – Stereo, Glasgow

So it’s a Friday night and after failing miserably to get tickets for the first leg of The Music’s comeback tour at Sleazy’s I finally got the chance to get reacquainted with them a month later at Stereo. I’m not one to exaggerate and since “The Music” disappeared into the ether a couple of years ago a recurring topic of conversation with me and my friends (usually after a few beers or watching the blank canvas DVD) has been “how good is it going to be when The Music tour again?” We got our answer tonight and that was its going to be fucking excellent when “The Music” decide to tour again.

For those of you who have never been to the venue at Stereo before I’ll describe it a little. Imagine a high stage with even higher ceilings with central heating pipes running all over it dripping condensation that turns into a sweatbox of perspiration, in other words its the perfect midsize venue for their second round of their self dubbed “Four Cities Tour”. You could feel the anticipation in the room before they came on, and if you didn’t have a good level of ESP then the almost constant chants of “Music, Music, Music” kind of gave the game away. As he climbed the stairs onto the stage the now shaven headed Robert Harvey looked healthy and ready to get back to what he does best after his self professed battle with drink, drugs and depression. As soon as he grabbed the microphone and uttered the words “This song is called Take The Long Road And Walk It” we knew we were in for a great night. It sounded just as good as ever with Adam’s guitar and Robert’s voice playing off each other flawlessly. The truth is tonight’s gig wasn’t going to be judged on the eight or so established live favourites that they were almost certain to play but instead on the new tunes. They hit us almost straight away with “The Spike” which sounded like they were back to their driving dancey best and could have quite easily been from their self-titled debut.

Mr Harvey should definitely have no fears about his voice not being as strong as it once was as “The Truth Is No Words”, “Getaway” and “The People” all sounded just as amazing live as I remember. The inclusion of the B-side “Jag Tune” was a nice touch and as Robert shouted “Jag Tune” in his unmistakable high pitched wail it just cemented their victorious return even further. Out of the five new songs they played “The Spike”, “Get Through It” and future lead off single from the new album “Strength In Numbers” made the best first impression with slower number “The Left Side” possibly being the weakest of the five. Saying that its unfair to judge a song after only hearing it once in a semi-drunken state. They finished with a blistering rendition of “Bleed From Within” with the sensational triple drumming effect and Robert’s soaring vocal of “Burn, Burn, Burn, Burn”. They were never going to play an encore and the 13-song setlist was just about the perfect selection of the old and new. How could I get all the way through a review of The Music and not mention Robert Harvey’s dancing, shame on me, anyway he still cuts shapes like a maniac god bless him. Roll on the QMU on the 17th of May. The Music are back with a big fucking bang.


1) Take The Long Road And Walk It 2) The Spike 3) Freedom Fighters 4) Jag Tune 5) Get Through It 6) Strength In Numbers 7) The truth Is No Words 8) Welcome to the North 9) The Left Side 10) The People 11) No Weapon Sharper Than Wit 12) Getaway 13) Bleed From Within

Ross Cunningham

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