Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Edinburgh Liquid Room

Only certain artists can make coming onto the stage to a remix version of “The Antiques Roadshow” theme tune look cool. Luckily for them Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip are two such men. Having played Glasgow on numerous occasions in the not to distant past they seemed genuinely excited about performing in Edinburgh for the first time and being part of The Edge festival. As he took to the stage Dan instantly spotted a familiar face in the crowd, a guy that mimics Scroobious Pips trademark beard and hat combination and follows them around on tour. He singled him out and joked saying “this is going to be a boring show for that guy, I’ve seen him in Leeds and London” before dropping the beat for Scroobius Pip to make his entrance. As he climbed the stairs he was sipping on a bottle of Rose wine with one hand and carrying a briefcase full of props in the other. “The Beat That My Heart Skipped” blasted out of the Liquid Room PA system with Pip’s tight lyrical manifestos of love unfurling with each verse. The pair’s quick wit and banter with the crowd throughout gave the gig a nice personal feel.

They let us know that the show was being filmed for Channelbee.com, yes you can watch it in its entirety if you so desire. Before “Look For The Woman” Pip had the idea to create a drinking game for it saying, “every time I say the word “You” take a drink”. The gig then had a bit of added theatrics with Pip’s confession that he was going to quit music because there was “no money in it” and this was going to be his audition to become a television presenter. Sitting behind a desk he took off his hat slicked his hair back shuffled his notes and unveiled a picture of James Blunt. The story of what Pip regards as beautiful then unfurled with “Tommy C”, I still prefer the original name of “James Blunt can get right to fuck” but who am I to argue. Breaking into a solo politically charged spoken word piece Pip put the world to rights attacking Blair, Bush and the overall state of humanity to the great applause of the Edinburgh crowd. Going from the serious to the somewhat comical Pip shouted into the Mic, “we’re gonna do a cover is that alright?” to somewhat muted applause “It’s always fun to do a cover because it doesn’t matter if it’s shit and you all hate it because it’s not our tune”. A matter of fact delivery of “Sugababes” “Push The Button” then got the place moving as the duo put their own original spin on it, Perhaps not surprisingly it was a vast improvement on the original. The gig drew to a close with their two biggest hits played back to back, starting with the down right inspired “Thou Shalt Always Kill” and finishing with the Radiohead “Planet Telex” sampling “Letter From God To Man”. Leaving the stage like all conquering heroes to rapturous applause something tells me they won’t have to give up on music just yet. Being a philosophical man I think Scroobious Pip takes the phrase “always leave them wanting more” to heart. The crowd shouted “one more tune” for a good couple of minutes to no avail before the venue lights ushered everyone out into the cold Edinburgh streets.

After listening to Scroobius Pip for an hour you definitely feel like you’ve been taught a few life lessons. “Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip just a band?” their much more than that surely?

Ross Cunningham

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